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Seems like just yesterday writing down ideas of what my ideal skin care company would look like. To start my own small business seemed like sucha daunting task, could I really handle it all??? I come from a family of successful, driven, entrepreneurs, so the pressure to succeed made it even scarier! To see all the pieces come together, from the logo, to the packaging, to OF COURSE, the hydrating recipes gave me confidence...but then ok I like it, but would everyone else?! Opening the store last year was one thing, but to send out those first orders and wait for the feedback...ughhh the anxietyyy! But then the reviews came back...the love I received was overwhelming! The love that was expressed for Hydration Station products was the biggest hug of confidence I could receive! But even more, the helpful criticisms pushed me to keep improving.

Starting a small business while still working a 9-5 job is NOT easy, but knowing the love for our products is there makes the late nights worth it! Thank you all for your support and patience as I continue to improve and build this all natural skin care brand!!! I have many good things to come so just stay tuned peeps...

and of course HAPPY HYDRATING!


Brittany J

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