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What's the big deal with all natural skin care?

Hiiii happy hydrators!!! Hope everyone is keeping cool this blazing hot summer! Staying properly hydrated on these 90+ days is imperative, but I'm sure you all know that. But do you know why I'm so serious about all natural skin care products??? Does it really matter what you put on your skin?? Well let's see...

First off, our skin is the body's largest organ and plays a crucial role in protecting against the harmful outside elements. Yet even as it fights for us, it's not impenetrable. So that's where we come in. What we put on our skin plays a vital role in assisting our body's largest organ do it's job. There are so many elements out of our control, the air we breath, the water we drink, why not be proactive about something we can control?!

When researching what products are best for you and your family's skin, do you know what to look for? Some key words and phrases to look out for are "free of harmful chemicals, irritants, or presveratives", "non-allergenic", "carefully formulated with all natural, organic ingredients", "GMO-free", "No animal testing", and even "Vegan". But that's not it! Not only the ingredients found inside your skin care products matter, but the outside is just as important. Today we are constantly hearing of the negative effects certain types of plastic can have on our bodies. This is due to the endocrine disrupting (Your endocrine system controls your hormones.) chemicals many plastics contain. Always look out for plastics labeled "BPA-free", due to the fact that studies have shown that this chemical, known scientifically as Bisphenol A (BPA), has had harmful effects on the reproductive systems of both males and females.[1]

So ok, don't freak out and throw everything you own away. Look at your labels. Do a little digging to see what all those long scientific words on the ingredients mean...then throw them away lol! Thankfully today we are given a LOT more information in regards to our skin care products, allowing us ALL to make educated choices for yourselves and our loved ones. Here at Hydration Station Skincare we are proud to offer you truly all natural skincare, with strong focus on organic ingredients, and BPA-free, PET containers, all day everyday!

Now why is it that all natural products may look or sometimes feel a little different then you're typical drug store products?? We'll discuss that next time...until then happy hydrating!!

Kisses and Well Wishes Lovelies!

Brittany J

[1] "How does bisphenol A effect your health?"-

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