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Hellooooo Fellow Hydrators!

All good things take time. That's what they say right?!

When it comes to taking care of our bodies we have to put in the time. Some people are just blessed with crazy clear, hydrated skin, but us other mere mortals have to work for it.

Nowadays it can be overwhelming trying to find the right skincare products. What works awesome for your girlfriend might dry out your skin, and what works perfectly for controlling your dry spots could cause your sis to breakout. Then you add the plethora of synthetics and chemicals companies add to their products...ughhhh!!! Why do I need petroleum, the same chemical used in GASOLINE oil on my face?! I can go on a tangent about all that, so let me bring it on back lol...

Nature provides us everything we need to properly balance our bodies. Isn't that amazing?! As a society we're returning back to something that has never gone away. It's the latest fade yet a timeless classic. Herbs, essential oils, natural butters and oils are having their heyday and all for great reasons. They've moisturized and healed your great-great-great grannies, abuelitas, and nanas for centuries so wouldn't it do the same for us?

With the creation of Hydration Station Skincare I wanted to stick to this tested and true formula, combining nature's hydrating and restorative jewels to make the perfect blend for your body from head to toe. Follow me on this journey as we discover the nourishing nutrients this earth has to offer us!

Kiss kiss lovlies!!

Brittany J

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